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Legendary Basset Hounds     

                        Legendary Basset Hounds waiting list for 2018 and 2019 Puppies!!!!!!!  

Please  note that waiting list spots do not always mean there will be no available puppies from a litter.  Please check back after puppies are born. If their are any available puppies we will post  them on our puppy page! Anyone on a waiting list should check with us from time to time to insure  us you are still interested in a  puppy from a  current or future litter. Please remember if you choose to take a puppy from someone else and you are on our waiting list deposits are non-refundable. Anyone on our waiting list who has not responded to our emails or phone calls will be removed from our waiting list.

                     We reserve the right as the breeder to always have First pick of any puppy!

           Waiting list for 2018!!!!!

1. First  puppy pick (Male/Female) Legendary


2. Second  puppy pick (female/male)NH Leslie

3. Third puppy pick (female) Ward

    Family -CT

4. Sixth puppy pick (Male)Feller Guilderland, NY

5. Forth pick-AVAILABLE

6. Fifth pick-AVAILABLE

Waiting list for 2019!!!

1. First puppy pick (male/female Legendary


2. Second pick -AVAILABLE

3. Third pick- AVAILABLE 

4. Forth pick-AVAILABLE

5. Fifth pick- AVAILABLE  

6. Sixth pick-AVAILABLE