Welcome to Legendary Basset Hounds 
                       Akc Champion Imports

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Legendary Basset Hounds is owned by Maureen and Otis Schermerhorn. Our bassets are Akc registered European Champion Imports. We are located in the beautiful Catskills Mountains of upstate New York. Basset Hounds have always been apart of our lives. Our bassets are a part of our family and not just breeders. All of our bassets are raised inside and are spoiled. We spend a lot of time caring for our puppies and adult bassets. All of our lines are lines that was imported  into the United States. We have chosen the lines we are breeding for the wonderful temperaments these lines have shown. Lots of wrinkles, short legs and long ears is what you will see in our bassets. We allow our new basset family's to visit puppies after our puppies have turned six weeks of age. At that time we will set up dates and times for visitors. We like our puppies to stay until they are 12/13 weeks of age. We will keep puppies longer for there new owners if needed. Puppies will receive vaccinations at 7 weeks of age and again at 11 weeks of age. Puppies staying after 11 weeks will receive vaccinations every four weeks until all puppy vaccinations have been given. Puppy worming's start at two weeks of age and are given every two weeks. We will only release puppies that are 100 % ready to leave.

We may have puppies at times that are a bit older then 14 weeks of age that may become available. If we have puppies that are older this does not mean they have any issues. These are what we call pick puppies meaning puppies we are waiting to see confirmation on to keep for breeding. All of our Sire and Dams of puppies are here at Legendary Bassets Kennel .  

Please feel free to call us or email us with any further questions you might have.