Welcome to Legendary Basset Hounds 
             Akc Champion Imports

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UPDATED: We have no puppies at this time. Please read our about us page before sending us emails asking questions that might already be on our web site.  Please do not send emails asking to come see our puppies. We do not have hours of open operation. WE are not a pet store. All new owners must be approved. Only approved people on our waiting list will be able to visit our kennel.    

We are located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of Upstate  New York. All of our bassets are from Akc Champion Imports. We are a hobby breeder and will  occasionally have puppies. Our bassets are apart of our family we take pride in raising healthy happy basset hounds. Please take the time to read our About Us page to understand us hear at Legendary Bassets and how we run

our breeding program.                                                                                                                                             

                         Maureen and Otis Schermerhorn